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Rabu, 28 September 2011 | Rabu, September 28, 2011 | 0 comments
Huh?Update status?Whats that?Nak tau?Oke.Oke.Nampak tak yg kotak warna merah nuh?Nampak?Nak wat?Lets start it!

1.Log in > dashboard > design > add gadget > add html

2.Copy bende nih n paste.

<center style="text-align: right;"><span class="Apple-style-span" style="color: #FFFFFF; font-family: Verdana, 'Times New Roman', serif;"><b>Current updates:</b></span></center><div style="Background-image:url(Image URL); repeat; padding -moz-border-radius: 20px 20px 20px 20px;-webkit-border-radius: 20px 20px 20px 20px;: 5px; border:1px solid #F5A9BC;"><center><marquee>Words</marquee></center></div>
Image URL boleh amik kat photobucket ya.Direct link.


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